The Association’s new ‘Tech Companies to Watch in 2023’ campaign platforms disruptor companies

Digital Business Ireland, Ireland’s leading representative body for the Irish eCommerce sector, has today published details of five emerging digital enterprises that are set to make their mark on the industry in 2023. Entitled ‘Tech Companies to Watch in 2023’, the campaign profiles a diverse cohort of digital businesses focused on accessibility, application development, online shopping and fintech solutions. The eBook also details the trailblazing nature of the products and services, with the key personnel in each company outlining their enterprise’s ambitions and the emerging trends for 2023.

Some of these trends include:

  • A focus on digital accessibility and inclusion, amid the startling statistic that 72% of Irish websites are inaccessible for people with disabilities
  • A greater shift to digital transformation, which will facilitate unique customer experiences through Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Continued growth of Omnichannel

Speaking on the release of the campaign, Digital Business Ireland Chairperson Ashley McDonnell said: “The ‘Tech Companies to Watch in 2023’ campaign highlights innovative eCommerce enterprises that are focused on driving further growth in the sector in 2023. Facilitated through a blend of developments, including enhanced customer experiences through the adoption of AI, and digital inclusion, discerning businesses will deliver parity of shopping experiences to customers, which will improve loyalty.

Future-proofing the sector is key, so digital businesses of all sizes can compete in the global eCommerce marketplace.”



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