By joining the DBI community, you and your business will benefit from some of the most cutting edge learning opportunities and events. DBI works with a range of brilliant partners, to include global technology giants and indigenous businesses to bring a suite of supports that include webinars, guidance, reports, and eLearning which can only benefit your business, as it scales and thrives in a boundaryless world.

National Digital Awards 

The National Digital Awards are a core pillar of our extensive events programme, and we are proud to have many of Ireland’s foremost digital suppliers as our category sponsors, and equally to have the support of an industry-leading judging panel.

In addition, we wish to acknowledge the longstanding support of our title sponsor, Permanent TSB, who has paved the way for businesses on their digital journeys, and who has enabled so many members of Digital Business Ireland to grow and thrive online.

Digital Summit

As the leading representative body for digital and online businesses, we are proud to host best-in-class events that put global brands, cutting-edge companies and industry innovators together in one room.

Businesses who attend our annual Digital Summit can expect to connect with some of the most progressive service providers in the industry, while having the opportunity to hear directly from exhibitors who are at the forefront of digital transformation. Our ability to attract the quality of speakers that we have on offer at the Summit, is testament to Digital Business Ireland’s steadfast commitment to advancing the digital agenda in Ireland, and supporting businesses on their journey to digitalisation.

Digital Meet-Up

The Digital Meet-Up networking event covers the latest trends in digital innovation and retail such as Web3, AI, the Metaverse, ChatGPT and NFTs from an experienced panel of experts.

In addition to the panel discussion, attendees have ample opportunity to network, engage and socialise with fellow industry professionals in the digital commerce sector.

The Digital Meet-Up event is the latest in Digital Business Ireland’s exciting and inclusive events programme for the sector.

Digital Mentoring Initiative

The Digital Mentoring Initiative offers professionals in the digital sector an opportunity to take their businesses and careers to the next level, with the help of a leading eCommerce expert.

At Digital Business Ireland, we are very committed to helping start-ups reach their full potential through our range of initiatives, and we always look forward to receiving applications from our community of over 8,500 members.