By joining the DBI community, you and your business will benefit from some of the most cutting edge learning opportunities and events. DBI works with a range of brilliant partners, to include global technology giants and indigenous businesses to bring a suite of supports that include webinars, guidance, reports, and eLearning which can only benefit your business, as it scales and thrives in a boundaryless world.

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National Digital Awards Night 2021
3rd February 2022

Cyber-security Preparedness Survey
Maturing your cybersecurity programme takes time and this questionnaire is designed to evaluate your company’s preparedness.

Past Events

Online Optimisation Conference 2020

22nd September 2020

Our major virtual conference heard from some of Ireland’s top eCommerce minds, attendees learned how to identify opportunities for Irish SME’s to capture more online business and that selling online is now an urgent strategy to combat the difficult trading conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Opportunities for Online Businesses Post-Brexit

22nd February 2020

The first event of Digital Business Ireland took place in Dublin in February 2020 where we were joined by speakers such as Sarah Carroll, International eCommerce consultant who advised the large attendance of companies on how they can take advantage of Brexit and scale up their business operations both in Ireland and in other marketplaces.

Digital Awards 2020

26th February 2021 @ 18.00

The Digital Business Ireland – permanent tsb Digital Awards celebrate the very best of digital businesses in Ireland and reward websites and people across a number of sectors to reflect the online world that businesses now inhabit, trade and communicate in.

Digital Masterclass

WEDNESDAY 26TH MAY at 10.00am

Prepare for Cyber Week Workshop 

October 20th 2021