Digital Business Ireland (DBI), the leading digital, ecommerce and online business representative body has today welcomed the Government’s confirmation that non-essential retailers will be able to resume click and collect services from 10th May.

After four months of restrictions, Irish retail businesses are in acute need of a successful reopening led by an efficient resumption of click-and-collect services. With the clarity provided by Government, businesses will now have the time they need to prepare stock, staff and strict safety measures to make the reopening safe and profitable.

Click and Collect services are a vital part of the digital economy, allowing retailers to make digital sales without the expense associated with setting up deliveries, costs that many may not be able to bear in these difficult times.

Simultaneously, these services provide the consumer with a safe and convenient alternative, with no delays and additional costs, often making a click-and-collect service from an Irish business more attractive than ordering online from an external competitor.

Recent data shows that while online transactions made by Irish consumers have been increasing in recent months, the progress made on increasing the share of that online spend going to Irish businesses has been slipping. The restoration of click-and-collect services will put us back on track toward attracting more online retail spend by Irish consumers to Irish businesses.

Reacting to the announcement, Secretary-General of DBI, Lorraine Higgins, said:

“At DBI we welcome the confirmation from Government that click-and-collect services for non-essential retail will be restored on May 10th. While our members fully understood the need for enhanced public restrictions in January, at the peak of the third wave of Covid-19, with the reducing numbers of cases it makes sense to strike this balance. At DBI we have been working hard preparing our members for the resumption of the service by creating a best practice guide for the operation of click-and-collect services while also working with our partner association in Brussels, eCommerce Europe, to help other retailers across the Member States.”

“Thanks to the clarity provided by Government, Irish retailers will now be able to invest, with confidence, in their stock requirements and facilities in preparation for the resumption of click-and-collect services. In a context in which many retailers cannot afford to make unnecessary investments, this clear commitment will be greatly valued by businesses across the country and the move will create space for a successful reopening of the retail sector.”

“At DBI we remain cognisant that the pandemic is not over and encourage retailers preparing for the resumption of click-and-collect to ensure the service is as safe as possible for staff and customers. Our best practice guide on running click-and-collect in the context of Covid-19 is available free of charge on the website and is a very useful resource in that regard.”

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