Digital Business Ireland (DBI), the representative body for online businesses, and Hikari, a data solutions and business insights company, have partnered to launch an online Digital Data Hub which provides information to businesses to help them make informed decisions in a changing commercial environment.

The Digital Data Hub is designed for CEOs and business development strategists who have access to important business insights, ranging from the number of new websites registered, to the increase in traffic across social media sites, details on digital tv viewership and the most popular items being searched for by consumers online. This data allows businesses map the important changes the virus is effecting on their operations while providing strategic insights with regard to where their customer base is. The data results are refreshed and updated on a regular basis.

DBI and Hikari have collated information from a range of sources to include the CSO,, Sky Media, IEDR, Core Optimisation, KBC Bank Ireland and Wolfgang Digital.

Chief Executive of Digital Business Ireland, Lorraine Higgins said “Covid-19 has acted as a catalyst for Irish businesses in their move to online as many try to limit the disruption caused to their operations. This sea-change brought with it a lack of centralised cyber-insights pertaining to consumer behaviour, business operations and national insights. Aware that a number of our partners, such as Sky Media and IE Domain Registry, were already providing valuable information to their customer base, we decided to reach out to them and others for the purposes of providing a single online data point. Our overall aim is to offer an extensive overview of the statistics and changes in broad market segmentation”.

“Given how fast things are changing, the numbers provided by the Digital Data Hub will help business owners, analysists and strategists make informed decisions and help them pivot their company to where their market is. Of course this could only be made possible with a progressive partnership with Hikari who is bringing functionality to this idea and indeed the companies who have agreed to share their data with us”.

Commenting on the launch of the Digital Business Ireland Digital Data Hub, Eamon Moore, CEO of Hikari said “We are delighted to work with Digital Business Ireland on this initiative to bring the power of Business Intelligence to the wider business community. Today’s organisations are using Business Intelligence solutions to provide their key data in one central location in order to make informed business decisions and to drive overall performance. After discussing this concept with Digital Business Ireland, it became very apparent that now more than ever Irish businesses need access to key economic and industry data. With so much data to consume across multiple sources we are very pleased to present a range of business insights in one location with the help of many of Digital Business Ireland’s partners”.

The Digital Data Hub can be accessed by clicking on


Dashboard Insights include:

InsightsProvided by
Social Media ActivityCore Optimisation
Popular Online SearchesCore Optimisation
Who is Watching TVSky Media
When we are Watching TVSky Media
What we are WatchingSky Media
Domain RegistryIE Domain Registry
Online PresenceIE Domain Registry
Online ActivityWolfgang Digital
National StatisticsCSO
Consumer SentimentKBC Bank Ireland

About DBI

Digital Business Ireland (DBI) is the voice of the Irish digital commerce sector. Set up in 2019, DBI has access to over 2,200 businesses and counts Health Stores Ireland, the Association of Fine Jewellers, County Kildare Chamber of Commerce and IPAV among its membership. It continues to grow its membership footprint across a wide range of online and digital businesses to include technology, retail, hospitality, professional services, travel, transport, education, leisure, agri-business and property.

DBI provides a range of services to its membership to include training and events, networking opportunities, general advisory, insights, advocacy and public policy influence all which facilitates digital businesses grow, thrive and achieve their ambitions.

About Hikari

Hikari is a group of dedicated business and technology professionals who provide solutions that allow organisations to analyse business data – providing actionable insights, adding value, and empowering companies to make better business decisions.

Hikari offers Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & Productivity Solutions powered by industry leaders such as Microsoft to customers across Ireland and the United States.


Visit the Digital Data Hub here



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