Of those who will make a purchase, nearly half (48%) will spend more than €150

DBI is appealing to consumers to ‘Click Green, Buy Nearby’ and direct this spending power towards Irish businesses

Research commissioned by Ireland’s leading representative body for digital and online businesses, Digital Business Ireland, shows that 31% of people are planning to make an online purchase this Cyber Week, as inflationary pressures prompt consumers to take advantage of discounts and other incentives. The research was conducted as part of DBI’s annual ‘Click Green, Buy Nearby’ campaign. The initiative aims to drive awareness of the importance of supporting businesses in Ireland. Owing to its partnership with Guaranteed Irish, and the national registry for .ie domains, .IE, this year, the representative body is also encouraging consumers to ‘look out for the g’ symbol and direct their spending power towards the websites of local Irish businesses which display the national marker of trust.

The research issued today was carried out by Ireland Thinks, and is based on a nationally representative sample, collected from a pool of over 30,000 panelists. As part of the survey, respondents were asked if they intended to shop online ahead of ‘Black Friday’, ‘Small Business Saturday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. Respondents who stated their intention to make a purchase online were subsequently asked to provide the estimated total value of their spend.

 Among its key findings, the Digital Insights research showed that this Cyber Week:

  • 31% of consumers in Ireland plan to make a purchase online
  • There is a disparity between the genders – 36% of women intend to make an online purchase, compared to 26% of men
  • Those aged between 25-44 are more likely to make a purchase (37%) compared to those aged 65+ (23%)
  • Of those who will make a purchase, 48% will spend more than €150

With businesses confronting a number of financial challenges owing to rising supply chain costs, increasing energy prices and ongoing inflationary pressures, DBI is appealing to customers to tap into their sense of patriotism and make a concerted effort to buy online from Irish businesses. With up to €4.3 billion expected to be spent in the run-up to, and during the festive period, there are clear benefits to buying online from local merchants. Consumers will not be hit with added taxes that accrue from shopping on web stores based in non-EU countries, and can expect faster delivery times and efficient customer service. In addition, customers buying from .IE websites and those which bear the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ symbol can be assured that they are purchasing from trusted Irish brands.

While some consumers may be tempted by the lure of global brands, buying Irish ensures that revenue is kept in the community – helping to boost local economies and diversify product and service offerings.

Speaking today, Lorraine Higgins of Digital Business Ireland said: “This is the third iteration of DBI’s Click Green Buy Nearby campaign which is designed to encourage shoppers to make a concerted and determined effort to purchase goods from local businesses online. Given that 31% of consumers plan to make a purchase online this Cyber Week, it is clear that inflation-weary consumers are seeking to take advantage of the discounts that will be on offer. Of those who will make a purchase, nearly half will spend more than €150, which indicates that many consumers are looking for reductions on higher-priced goods and gifts ahead of the festive season.

At DBI, we believe that this presents a real opportunity for businesses to attract new custom and build brand loyalty by offering attractive deals that will appeal to a range of consumers. Online merchants in Ireland offer high-quality products and services, and are known for their best-in-class customer service. Therefore, we remain confident that consumers will truly get behind trusted local businesses in Ireland, and ‘Click Green’ to ‘Buy Nearby’ this Cyber Week.”

Cyber Week 2022 Infographic



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