List is compiled on the back of Digital Business Ireland permanent tsb National Digital Awards finalists who were judged to be the best from a compliance, creativity, trust and UX perspective

Digital Business Ireland, in partnership with permanent tsb, has today revealed ‘Ireland’s Best Websites’ following the first round of judging in the annual National Digital Awards. The websites span a range of industries, hospitality, technology and retail, and feature businesses of all sizes – from small, newly established enterprises to some of Ireland’s most recognisable brands.

In order to determine ‘Ireland’s Best Websites’, the National Digital Awards’ judging panel, comprised of representatives from across the digital and e-commerce sector, were faced with the arduous task of judging website submissions from businesses throughout Ireland. The judges based their decision on a number of select criteria – including functionality, user-experience, and creativity displayed by the website. Given the noted increase in cybersecurity threats and online fraud in recent months, the judges felt it important that each of the websites featured in the list also demonstrated an appropriate level of compliance with data protection regulations, and placed customer safety as a top priority.

Having recently launched its ‘Click Green Buy Nearby’ campaign, which encourages consumers to shop online from Irish websites this Christmas, Digital Business Ireland is hopeful that by sharing ‘Ireland’s Best Websites’, consumers will be further incentivised to continue their patriotic support of Irish businesses beyond the festive season. As many businesses have had to pivot their operations online as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers can increasingly expect to encounter interactive, reliable websites that place customer satisfaction at the core.

Speaking today, Secretary General of Digital Business Ireland, Lorraine Higgins said: “I am delighted to announce ‘Ireland’s Best Websites’ following an initial round of judging in the annual Digital Business Ireland permanent tsb National Digital Awards. Now in its second iteration, the Awards aim to showcase the sheer breadth of talent across the digital sector in Ireland, and to highlight the extraordinary achievements of businesses throughout the country”.

“We know that it matters to consumers to Click Green and Buy Nearby so we have compiled a list of the best transactional websites for this festive period. Each of the websites listed have demonstrated a high level of functionality – with many offering integrated payment systems, self-checkout services, and digital tools to help respond to customer queries in real time. In addition, the judges were particularly impressed by the fact that every single website on the list showcased cohesive, creative branding and easy-to navigate site maps, that are not only visually appealing and informative, but are mobile-friendly too”.

“In light of the recent rise in cybersecurity threats, it was heartening to see that businesses have sought to reassure consumers by providing up-to-date contact details on their website and clearly defined privacy policies. As we enter into the last few weeks of the festive shopping period, patrons can take comfort in the knowledge that these websites are safe, secure and verified”.

Head of Business Development at permanent tsb, Catherine Doyle said: “Running a business can be difficult at the very best of times – but given the exceptional challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on some fantastic websites”.

“We know that consumer enthusiasm for online shopping is steadily growing, and these websites allow for a safe and secure shopping experience for all. It has been brilliant to witness so many Irish businesses pivot their operations online in response to these evolving trends and we are hopeful, that by sharing a list of ‘Ireland’s Best Websites’, consumers throughout the country will be further incentivised to make a purchase from a business in Ireland this Christmas, and beyond”.



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