Authored by NATO adviser, the guide will give greater protection to businesses operating online

With businesses looking more and more to online markets, Digital Business Ireland (DBI) has today produced an informative Cyber Security Manual on the first day of EU Cyber Security Month.  The Manual is aimed at highlighting the most common scams and frauds to look out for in the digital, online and eCommerce eco-system.

European Cyber Security Month is the EU’s annual awareness campaign that takes place each October across Europe. The aim is to raise awareness of cyber security threats, promote cybersecurity among citizens and organizations; and provide resources to protect themselves online, through education and sharing of good practices.

Produced in partnership with permanent tsb, the manual sets out in an easy, jargon-free way, tips on the common threats and scams to businesses operating online. In 2019 alone, Irish businesses lost an estimated €4.4m through just one such fraud alone, which concerned a sophisticated online invoice re-direction scam.

Commissioned by  Digital Business Ireland, author of the report, and online security expert, Dinos A. Kerigan-Kyrou, is an instructor at NATO and is responsible for cyber security training on the Joint Command & Staff Course at the Defence Forces. Dinos is also a Visiting Research Fellow in Strategic Cyber Security on the Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Degree at Abertay University. 

With COVID-19 leading to an increase in online shopping and home delivery usage businesses are seeking new ways to reach their customers and both Head of Business Banking at permanent tsb, Mags Brennan, and Director of Digital Business Ireland, David Campbell were keen to assist businesses to learn more about the dangers of online trading.

Mr. David Campbell explains: “We are delighted to produce this really informative manual that we hope businesses will use as a first step in learning more about keeping their data and, that of their customers, secure while trading online. The threats to a business from various online scams are all very real and we hope this ready-to-use guide will assist in making Irish business owners and their staff that little bit more aware of the various frauds and scams that are commonly being used by criminals to extract money illegally on a daily basis.”

“From fake emails and phone calls to exploiting out-of-date-software, criminals are taking advantage of any opportunity for financial gain and businesses must be on high alert at all times to thwart such common cyber attacks.”

Head of Business Banking at permanent tsb, Mags Brennan said “We are delighted to partner with Digital Business Ireland to develop the Cyber Security manual and help support businesses across Ireland. Cyber Security has become even more important over the last six months as more and more small and medium sized businesses transition online. This Cyber-Security manual will be a great asset to businesses right across the country as they ensure that they are operating safely online and protecting their customers from fraudulent activity.”

The manual entitled, A Guide to Protecting your Information & Business – During and Following, Covid-19 is available for download here



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